Located in Libby, MT; CoastalOverland is my model railroad that pretty much follows a few of different fallen flag prototype railroads: SP&S, Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Milwaukie along with a few others. Website tells of my trials and tribulations of building a large multiple level railroad with mostly hand laid track and switches along with scratch building line side buildings and bridges. I am working toward a design for a fully operational signal system incorporating CTC. I explicitly use DCC for running trains; but not for lineside control of devices. The railroad is planned with 20ft sidings and yard classification tracks which allows for longer trains. Heck - read more about it at coastaloverland.
Now that I am retired ( sort of ) I can take the time and create websites. I have been using responsive design starting about a year ago. I have not figured it all out, although stuff seems to be working as promised. I do not have Iphone or Itablet so until I get one of those, I can not test with them. I currently test with Firefox, Edge, IE and Chrome. Heck - read more about it at wilderness web works
We decided to retire in 2020 because of Covid as we just do not feel safe going to all the cities we visited hauling drugs for the last 4 years. Trucking was fun driving with my wife as a team driver! We have been on every Interstate and every State except for Rhode Island. We are moving from being 'over the road' truck drivers into stuff that will keep us at home and busy. I am starting a small business catering to hobbyists manufacturing small structures and engineering electronic devices for them. She is planning on growing chickens and pygmy goats. We have been surprised on the cost of natural eggs and know how to do that; 3 bucks a dozen as of 2021. Heck - read more at tandm_ent